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A Positive Aging Program & Chair Tap Aerobics Class for Seniors


The Hoofers Cub in Harlem was a place where tap dancers performed and hung out.  The out of work dancers would sometimes stay there for long periods of time but were told not to be caught sleeping. 


Thus, was invented the Chair tap dance, so they could hide the fact that they were sleeping in the club.

Seniors Tap Hoofers-Red.png



Senior Tap uses the gift of dance to meet holistic needs and create community ties, activities will introduce Tap Dancing to new members and serve as a refresher course to others who have previous tap experience. Class will also be given materials on Famous Tap Dancers and the History of Tap. It will also have a music appreciation component that will introduce different music styles such as Gospel, Jazz, Big Bands, R & B, and Latin. 

Studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia show that seniors improve their aerobic ability, Lower body muscle, endurance strength, balance, agility and gait through dancing. A study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. funded by the National Institute on Aging and published in the New England Journal of Medicine found the mental challenge of following complex dance steps and moving in time with the rhythm lowers the risk of Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia. Dance increases both walking speed and balance which are two major risk factors for falling.


 Persons in wheel chairs are also invited, for the program will also benefit upper body strength and promote lower body movement.  During the Music appreciation component, we will have Sing-along’s, Karaoke, and Name That Tune. This will increase verbal ability and improve and stabilize cognitive functioning.


Dancers need to be healthy, so information on Health Habits for Body and Mind will be shared in classes, also opportunities for socialization and spiritual engagement.


The class will help develop self-confidence and self–esteem in a stimulating environment.  It will also improve sensitivity, understanding, appreciation and consideration for others both for their similarities and differences. Stanford University stated that exercise is the closest thing to the fountain of youth.  Why not exercise in a cultural arts program?

Englewood Senior Satellite, Ada S. Niles Center

653-657 W. 63rd Street


Mondays at 1PM


CONTACT: 312.745.3328

Hamilton Park Cultural Center

513 W. 72nd Street


Thursdays at 1PM


CONTACT: 312.747.6174


Coming Soon

Seniors Tap ZOOM

South Chicago Senior Satellite Center

9233 S. Burley 


Wednesdays at 2PM


CONTACT: 312.745.1282

Central West Regional Center 

2102 W. Ogden Avenue


Tuesdays at 1PM

CONTACT: 312.746.5300


A Note from the Founder

I consider the program to be one of the best positive aging programs.  Seniors who have taken dance before but had to stop because of life (education, career, raising a family) now have the opportunity to renew their interest in dance and enjoy social interaction with cultural activities. Seniors Tap appeals to seniors who have not participated before but now have a desire to experience the arts.  Stanford University stated that exercise is the closest thing to the fountain of youth.  Why not exercise in a cultural arts program?


Brenda Starr Woods, Founder of Starr Programs




The Seniors Tap & Starr Programs Team will create a one-of-a-kind performance for you. To learn more and inquire about booking the Seniors Tap Hoofers Club at your next event, 
please call 773-879-7681
A Tribute to a Great City, Sweet Home Chicago
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