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We perform to change society's view of aging. We believe that with exercise, proper nutrition, spiritual and social engagement a senior can live and abundant life. The objective is to challenge the notion of Aging as a decline and celebrate the aging process.


From Vaudeville to Cabarets to Broadway and Music Videos the, dancers have always played an important part in the productions.  And keeping with tradition the Chi Town Hoofers is a performance troupe extraordinaire. 

Each performance is tailored to the selected event.  This includes a Pink Show with music from the Pink Panther movie and the classic song "Pink Cadillac" for Breast Cancer month at Stroger Hospital for The American Cancer Society. In addition, the Hoofers performed a Cinco de Mayo show featuring music from Selena and The Kumbia Kings for the South Chicago Health Fair.  


For Bookings: call 773-879-7681   

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Watch the Chi Town Hoofers



They have also performed for a variety of audiences and organizations such as:

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

  • Najwa Dance Corp Studio performance at Malcolm X College

  • South Chicago Arts Fair

  • 7th District Police Senior Health Fair

  • Golden Age Talent Showcase at South Shore Cultural Center

  • Englewood Back To School Parade, Chicago State College

  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life in South Chicago

  • Tinni Feet Cultural Arts Company Fundraiser and

  • many other Church Events, Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Political Functions, and Special Events. 


Our performers range in ages 62-93.  Guaranteed to bring smiles to any audience! 


PLEASE CALL:  773-879-7681


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